DECLIC Communication | How to highlight important information on your website?
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How to highlight important information on your website?

The pop-up is the solution to highlight important information on a website.

What is a Pop-Up ?

A pop-up is a window that opens on top of the screen when the user goes to a web page. This window can display a text message, polls, an image or even a registration form. The Pop-Up is programmed on a specific page of the website (the choice of this page is important) and appears at the desired time (directly at the opening, after a few seconds, after several minutes spent on the page…).

When to use a Pop-Up ?

A Pop-Up is useful when you want to highlight important information or to propose to subscribe to your Newsletters. For example, you can set up a pop-up on your home page during promotional campaigns, as is currently the case with sales, in order to announce an exceptional closure or to announce an important event.

Why use a Pop-Up ?

This window is necessarily seen by the Internet user because it opens on the page he is consulting and therefore captures his attention. The actions highlighted by a pop-up (subscription to a newsletter, contests…) offer conversion rates higher than a simple space on the home page. However, they must not be abused at the risk of losing the interest of the Internet user. You can also decide not to display a Pop-Up already seen by the Internet user for a certain period of time to avoid being too intrusive.

Déclic Communication installs and sets up a Pop-Up system on your website. We create and configure your message (as text, visual or form) and deactivate it at the desired time. You will then be able to display Pop-Up for your important information! Contact our team of professionals

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