DECLIC Communication | Every Crisis is an opportunity to reinvent yourself!
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cityavie declic

Every Crisis is an opportunity to reinvent yourself!

Moments of crisis can be welcomed in a negative or positive way. For the Déclic team, every crisis is an opportunity to learn, evolve and reinvent oneself.  Faced with the health crisis that we are going through, we have adopted a real entrepreneurial and solidarity approach with local shopkeepers, craftsmen and restaurant owners. We hope that, like us, they will learn to bounce back and reinvent themselves to prepare for the future.

Our thinking has led us to create Cityavie Market Place, real market places and local information for shopkeepers, craftsmen and restaurateurs.

Today, 2 market places have already been created: Cityavie Saint-Avold and Cityavie District Market. The first brings together the shopkeepers, craftsmen and restaurateurs of Saint-Avold, and the second those of the DUF territory.

Why have these local online market places been developed? To provide economic continuity for businesses and to accompany them towards digitalisation, which is essential for a serene future.

Cityavie Market Place’s main objectives are :

  • To bring together and federate all the players in commerce, crafts and catering on the same local market place,
  • To create a dynamic, supportive and active community to develop local commerce,
  • To develop new and innovative solutions for in-store sales and click and collect
  • Relying on inter-generational digital tandems and local professionals to help shopkeepers, craftsmen and restaurant owners succeed,
  • To provide local, personalized and professional support to help you succeed in your move into the digital markets and slow down commercial erosion.
  • To allow collective access to all the information and communications of the Traders, Craftsmen and Restaurateurs in your area.

Today, being present on the web has become essential. And as it’s often easier said than done, our team supports companies and offers them innovative, forward-looking solutions to cope with changes in the world.

Take THE good resolution of 2021: reinvent yourself to ensure your sustainability. Contact us for more information.

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