DECLIC Communication | Communication éco-responsable tout le monde y gagne !
Déclic Communication, engagé dans une démarche de développement durable pour préserver la planète, préconise à ses clients une communication éco-responsable tout en optimisant les coûts de production.
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An eco-responsible communication, it is a gain for everyone !

Declic communication’s green attitude

We are commited to an sustainable development process to keep the planet unharmed while optimising the gain.

Why the green communication ?

  • To Foster a respectful production for the environment
  • To optimise the gain
  • To contribute at the collective environmental procès
  • To keep the planet unharmed

How to minimize environmental impact ?

By advising our Customers
  • Choice of « Electronic » documents when it is possible
  • Design of time-sustainable or easily editable documents (ex :a catalogue with the price list putted aside, which allows you to always print an update)
  • Preference for front/back cover print
  • Choice of labelled paper (FSC, PEFC ; without chlorine,…)
  • Choice of adapted grammage depending on the use
  • Choice of quantities printed in relation with real or forthcoming needs
  • Foster use ofvégétal ink instead of minerals ones (which consume to much toxic products during printing
  • Choice of supplier shaving an environmental approach
  • Choice of labelled printers (Imprim’vert)
With conducting internal action
  • Waste sorting
  • Paper economy with favorising electronic exchanges (mail,pdf,…) and printing only what’s necessary on front/back cover (50% paper economy)
  • IT material recycling (donation to schools or other works)
  • Optimised movement (fuel consuption reduction)
  • Shutting off heaters and IT materials during nights (energy consuption decrease)
  • Avoiding overpackaging to optimise packaging process
  • Internal use of online messaging

Our agency works in collaboration with materials and printers that respect the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Forest Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and the Imprim’Vert labels.

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