DECLIC Communication | Themed roll-up for the tourism office « Coeur de Moselle Saint-Avold »
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Stand enrouleurs office du tourisme Coeur de Moselle

Themed roll-up for the tourism office « Coeur de Moselle Saint-Avold »

Our agency, Déclic communiction, is also specialised in advertizing and large-scale communication. We conceive and produce your large-scale advertizings on numerous supports : 4x3m Displays, stand parapluie, tarpaulins, roll-up,…

Our visual creation experts have recently elaborate roll-up for the tourisme office « Cœur de Mozelle Saint-Avold » who unites 4 territories :

The 6 roll-ups are in connection with their Stand Parapluie, which was designed by us, in order to deploy their fresh new identity. Every roll-ups represent a different themes choosed and enlighted by the tourism office. That allow to assure their promotion and visibility on the whole territory during manifestation.

We designed their logotype, the Stand Parapluie as well than the 6 roll-ups whithout losing the visual identity we had created for them. A real strategy have been taken by our team to keep a certain consistency between the diverse Tourism Office communication support.

Our visual design experts truely develop strong valued concept in order to ensure your image. Our company also ensure you of the global quality of your communication supports.

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