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rajeunir son. identité visuelle

Companies, communities, associations, give your visual identity a facelift!

Several reasons can make you want to modify or change your logo: the company, the community or the association is undergoing a major change (management, team…), it is facing an important change of strategy, its logo is outdated or it simply wants to align itself with its competitors. The modifications of a logo reflect the evolution of the life of the company, the community or the association.

The purpose of a change in visual identity is to refresh its image, to appeal to a new target group or to announce an important event. It is not only companies that are concerned by these changes, associations and communities are also undergoing major changes (change of team, new strategy …) and must remain in tune with the times.

A logo must meet 8 main criteria:

  • b adapted to your activity
  • be unique and distinctive
  • be legible
  • be simple, based on the essentials
  • be memorable
  • be durable and timeless
  • be declined on all supports
  • have relevant colours

To learn more about the characteristics of a good logotype, you can consult our page “Creating a name and visual identity”

At Déclic Communication, we offer 2 solutions to rejuvenate your visual identity:

  • The Lifting of your logo (we keep the base of your logo while modernizing it)
  • The creation of a new logo (we completely change your logo)

Our team accompanies you to renew your image, give it pep and show the important evolutions of your company, community or association.

The logo, if it is well done, has a life span of between 8 and 10 years. Moreover, with the evolution of technologies, it is nowadays advised to have a logo adaptable to all types of devices (telephone, tablet, computer…). Creating or redesigning a logo requires a certain know-how because it must convey the right message, the right emotions and the right values while respecting the criteria mentioned above. Therefore, it is preferable to entrust this mission to a specialized agency.

Déclic Communication has more than 30 years of experience in the creation of visual identity, contact us!

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