DECLIC Communication | Fly-Pixel professional photographer enters a new era
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Fly-Pixel professional photographer enters a new era


Fly-Pixel professional photographer , was created ten years ago by two passionate photographers. Located in the Moselle region, the company operates throughout the Greater East and in major cities, including Metz, Nancy and Luxembourg.

The website has several independent image galleries managed by the Fly-Pixel photographer team, which adds the desired photographs as desired, allowing the team to make discover its work.

Fly-Pixel makes photographs and films for professionals and individuals. The company offers photo reporting services, events, corporate reporting, product packs-shoot, aerial photography and corporate videos.

The site is responsive design and fits on PCs as well as smartphones and tablets.

In many areas, industrial photographs, architectural, advertising …, Fly-Pixel will bring you the most beautiful solutions images! Contact them!

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