DECLIC Communication | It’s time for Webinars!
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système Webinaire déclic

It’s time for Webinars!

In these days online systems are favoured, and conferences and seminars are no exception.

At Déclic, we develop your online conference broadcasting system. The broadcast can be direct or delayed depending on your choice and the viewer’s choice. Webinars are ideal for professional trainers, coaches, teachers… Our systems are the perfect alliance between video and motion design.

How does it work?

The operation is simple, either the user watches your video directly, or he chooses a specific day and time to do so. He will then receive an appointment confirmation email.  1 hour before the start of the broadcast, he will receive a reminder email where he will just have to click on the link to access the video which will start at the precise time he has chosen. Your webinar can be free or payable.

If you would like to find out how a webinar works, be curious and check out our client AGP Développement’s webinar:

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