DECLIC Communication | What are the advantages of online advertising?
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What are the advantages of online advertising?

Whatever your sector of activity and the size of your company, the use of web advertising has never been so topical. The internet advertising market has been growing steadily for several years. It can be guided by several objectives:

  • obtaining new customers,
  • remind your existing customers that you exist,
  • generate more sales and therefore increase your turnover
  • launch your business or a new product…

Sponsored ads on social networks, Google Adwords campaigns… we will explain why you should get into web advertising and include it in your web marketing strategy.

1. Online advertising has a lower cost than other marketing levers

When we compare with traditional media, online advertising is less expensive. The main advantage is that you only pay for the traffic that is actually generated by your campaigns if the right options are activated. This is impossible to measure and guarantee with traditional press or poster campaigns.

2. Online advertising allows qualified targeting  

When you create your web campaign you have the ability to precisely target the people you want to reach, according to certain criteria to choose from. Whether on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Google Ads, you can refine your target to reach only those people who are likely to be interested in your advertisement.

3. You reach your goals quickly

Online advertising allows you to quickly develop your visibility and contacts. You will promote your website, products or services more quickly than with a classic advertising campaign. If you are launching your business or a new product, web advertising proves to be a great acquisition lever. It is a real springboard for your sales because it generates traffic on your website. This traffic attracts more visitors and therefore increases your chances of conversion.

4. Advertising on the web has measurable performance indicators

From the very first days of the launch of your campaigns, you will be able to measure their results thanks to various Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • The rate of clicks on your ads
  • The conversion rate thanks to your ads
  • The commitment rate on your ads
  • The number of impressions of your ads

You will be able to track this throughout your campaigns and make real-time adjustments to increase the performance of your ads.

Setting up a digital advertising campaign should not be done at random. It is essential to define a strategy, marketing objectives and to focus on targeting and segmentation in order to realise your chances of conversion. Today, too many companies start creating ads without having a real strategy. This is why our agency accompanies you in the creation, implementation and follow-up of your web campaigns.

In practice, our experts choose and establish :

  • Your main objective divided into sub-objectives
  • Your target
  • The right message(s)
  • The way to release the message (images, videos, texts…)
  • Distribution channels

We organise your campaigns around a relevant calendar and analyse the performance of your advertisements to optimise them..

Within this framework, our agency accompanies all types of companies, from small businesses to national companies. Contact us to set up your online advertising campaigns together.

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