DECLIC Communication | The “Click and Collect”, the survival of retail shops…
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click and collect

The “Click and Collect”, the survival of retail shops…

To compensate for the physical closure of convenience shops, the government has authorised the use of “Click and Collect”. Thanks to this “web-to-store” service, restaurants, florists, hairdressers, toy shops, clothing shops, etc. will be able to organise a take-away sales system. This innovative method makes it possible to combine e-commerce and in-store sales for the benefit of consumers and retailers. But what exactly is it?

The “Click and Collect” principle

The principle is simple: the consumer orders or reserves products online on your site and picks them up directly in your shop. Depending on your availability, the buyer chooses the day and time of his collection at your shop in order to act in complete safety. You can propose an online payment or more simply a payment on the spot at the time of the withdrawal of the products..

An alternative to the internet giants

The “Click and Collect“, the drive or all these new systems are real alternatives to the digital giants, even more so during this period. The authorisation of this service for retail shops allows you to face online merchants such as Amazon and limit your losses. You will also be able to maintain a close relationship with your customers..

No shipping costs and great flexibility

In contrast to purely online purchases with home delivery, “Click and Collect” has the advantage that no shipping costs are incurred. The consumer will only pay for the product he chooses. This system also means that consumers do not have to wait for the delivery of the products they buy online, as orders can very often be picked up the same day.

In concret terms n how to set up a  “Click and Collect”?

Setting up a “Click and Collect” service requires you to create or adapt your website (with the integration of a dedicated module for example). An internal organisation is also essential to guarantee an optimal customer experience, from order taking to collection.

Our team of experts will assist you in organizing and implementing this service on your website. Click and Collect has become an ally in the survival of your business. A simple and effective way to reinvent yourself and guarantee the continuity of your business.

Contactez-nous dès maintenant pour faire face à la crise. 





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