DECLIC Communication | A new design for the AJE website !
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Site internet Association Jeunesse et entreprises

A new design for the AJE website !

The entire team of Déclic communication have recently proceed at the elaboration of a new website for the Association Jeunesse et Entreprise (AJE). We followed and carry this project on several month. A true website that bring under the spot numerous actions taken by the AJE in order to sensibilise the yought to the world of work. A complete home page with a clean design take directly the user in the centre of the Association. Numerous actuality and elaborate content allow this website to show a quality natural referencing and to be present on all different search engines.

The website can be managed by every single AJE clubs from France in order to offer fresh and direct information to the users. Every clubs possess a spécial webpage ,which with it , he can evolve and fill it with their own unique actualities.

The website also contain a « clubs area » private for the AJE members (Storage area and share of files )


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