DECLIC Communication | Advantages of SMS campaigns
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Advantages of SMS campaigns

People spent more time on their smartphone. The daily using time is estimated to 4 hours, this represents a full day per week. Most of major brands have understood that there is nothing more efficient than a SMS to reach its clients. Marketing SMS open rate is estimated to 95%, this is due to the fact that we consult our phone from 25 to 150 times a day. SMS Campain profit of a quasi immediate reaction. On average a SMS is read in the 3 following minutes of reception.
It exists 3 sorts of marketing SMS. Promotional, transactional (after buying) and relational.
• The advantages of a SMS campaign are :
• An important and quasi immediate reaction
• A high opening rate of SMS
• A way to boost his sales and/or to inform its clients
• A way to bind clients
• SMS is environmental

Déclic Communication has a new customer service : sending of SMS campaigns

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