DECLIC Communication | Colors secrets in the visual communication
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signification des couleurs dans la communication visuelle

Colors secrets in the visual communication

You created an Start up and you are still hesitating about the choice of your enterprise colors ? Don’t panic, Déclic Communication will a give you a few hints. In Visual Communication, every colors have their uniques meanings, have their own shine and can be use only in certains activity sectors ! Here, we will show you some of their secrets…

For starters, you want to have a certain color code for your company graphic chart, ask yourself what kind of image and attitude you want to spread around about your enterprise. Colors have to reinforce your visual indentity and your attitude, without getting them over each other.

It doesn’t matter where we are coming from, we always associate colors with emotion or value, but those tradition change to one culture to an another. Here, we will show you the principal colors uses in the occidental culture.

Blue :

That color show truth, faith, but also liberty and travel. She is often used in cyber-security, tourism and Aerospace.

Purple :

Purple reminds you of dreams and fantasy. That color is used a lot in domain like art and culture.

Red :

As you already know red is the color of love and passion, but she can also be a mean of danger. It is a color that is often associate to sports,  car factory, and catering.

Yellow :

If you want to represent joy, laugh or comedy, choose yellow ! But you have to be careful with it because that color also mean betrayal.

Green :

Green is a symbol of growth, nature and good health. You can use it in environnemental domain, finance or health care.

Orange :

That is the color of creativity. She is employed a lot in the communication or in the selling business.

Pink :

Pink is by far the one who remind you about feminity, romanticism and childhood. She also show a lot of smoothness, la gourmandise and youth.

Brown :

This one is assimilated to earth, wood and comfort. Brown is also massively present in cultural, and culinary environment or to represent the sustainable development and local products.

Gold :

If you work with perfume or jewel the obvious color is gold. She represent prestige, wealth and luxury.

White :

White suggest purity, cleanliness and perfection, It is a very useful color that allow you to carry others colors.

Black :

As a final, black represent mystery, rigor and style. That color is use a lot in cinéma, photography, and generally in luxury line.

So remember to carefully use colors in the création of your identity. They all have real impact in the awardness and how the public will perceive you. Déclic Communication follows you in the création of your visual identity.


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