DECLIC Communication | Launch of a start-up : Cryoscan !
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creation and strategy of communication
About This Project

Launching a start-up is always an event. Selling and giving a dynamic and attractive image to his project: these are the challenges of those new companies.


Déclic Communication supports CRYOSCAN, a Nancy start-up specializing in Cryogenics and Ultra-vacuum.


First element: The realization of its visual concept, the campaign visual.
Coherence is one of the basic notions in communication, which is fundamental in the context of a communication campaign. Each element reinforces the notoriety of a start-up.


In a second stage, Déclic Communication declines this visual to produce qualitative communication media: from the website to the stand for exhibitions, through the presentation brochures and the product sheets. The project is global, strong and coherent…

On this project, Déclic carries out :

  • The campaign visual
  • The website in two languages
  • The presentation brochure
  • The entire umbrella stand
  • Product sheets


Déclic Communication is ready to launch with you in your new communicative and creative projects!

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