DECLIC Communication | QuattroPole: reinforcing the attractiveness of its territory through territorial marketing!
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— QuattroPole: reinforcing the attractiveness of its territory through territorial marketing!

QuattroPole is 4 cities, 3 countries, 3 languages and 530,000 inhabitants: Luxembourg, Metz, Saarbrücken and Trier. Cities that work to develop common political strategies and join their efforts to be more visible in Europe. In order to promote its assets and differences, the network entrusted us with the design and production of a trilingual territorial promotion brochure aimed at local companies and financial investors. It deals with 5 main points:

  • The exceptional situation of the territory
  • The economic opportunities it offers
  • Its cultural diversity
  • Its daily dynamism
  • Living and working there to the fullest

A Corporate identity has been drawn up in total adequacy with their visual identity. Our team wrote the texts of this “Business Opportunities” brochure in French, German and English. Our graphic designers then fully laid out the brochure and created the maps and illustrations inside.

A real common territorial marketing action plan was drawn up in collaboration with the 4 cities in order to enhance the value of the territory and gain notoriety on a European scale. A work of several months to satisfy all the stakeholders and to reinforce the territorial attractiveness and the economic development of QuattroPole.

Territorial marketing is an essential approach to value creation. It requires the development of a real strategy on a territorial scale. This marketing, like all other types of marketing, requires specific skills mastered by our communication agency. Contact us if you wish to enhance the value of your territory.


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